Living without food is, according to the Vedas which are the spiritual scriptures in Hinduism, one of the Yogic Powers every human person is capable of. There are many Yogis living without solid food and thereby gaining health, energy and higher consciousness.

Nirahara Samyama is a 21-days Be Food Free Meditation Process revealed and guided by my Guru Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami. My first batch was in July 2016. This process revealed so many hidden patterns connected with food that I would have never imagined. And no – it is not a process to fast or suffer from hunger. First and foremost it helps you to free yourself from restrictive and compulsive thought currents and behaviors like irritations, stress or addictions. The reason why this is so efficient is the following: Love and food are the first two things that we receive from our mother. In early childhood these two are connected unconsciously and therefore we develop some root pattern that are forcing us to behave or think in certain ways. Makes sense right?

So, binge eating, engorgement, eating to reward ourselves, societally coming together to enjoy food, celebrations with food, cooking for somebody out of love, caring for ourselves – all of this is connected to food. And I am not saying that this is wrong, but sometimes we are not aware of it.

How to do Nirahara Samyama: Level 1 is two days without solid food. On the third day, you eat whatever you want. After day 3, level 2 starts which means seven days without solid food. On the 11th day of Nirahara Samyama we are allowed to eat normally again before level 3 starts, which is the last sequence of the process and means ten days without solid food. During the days where you don’t eat, one is able and should consume liquids in any form, can be smoothies, butter milk, yoghurt drinks or soup. The stomach should never be empty, but also not overfilled. There is nothing required to start to process and do Nirahara Samyama. But you should be healthy. Means if you have a cold or suffer from influenza, better to wait and start with the next batch, a cycle starts every month. Mandatory is a 21 minute meditation every day and to follow daily satsang of Avatar Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

You want to know what all this might be good for?
Here you the “clicks” I had throughout the 21 days:

  • Engaging in life: First day of the process I was sitting at work and had a dispute with my colleague early morning. My first thought was “I want to eat something, I need breakfast, now!”. For ten minutes I was literally caught in my own thought currents taking me from “I am not allowed to eat”, to “I can’t give up already on the first day”, through “maybe I just need a little food and continue with the process tomorrow” and back to “I want to eat something”. After 10 minutes the thoughts shifted as I decided to confront life. I realized that I felt uncomfortable with the situation between me and my colleague and those thoughts were just a distraction I created. I decided to talk to my colleague and in no time we solved the problem. Throughout the next days, I confronted life in every situation, inhaled it to the fullest, every minute and accepted all situations as they came, accepted and solved them instead of losing power over them.
  • Clarity and concentration: As many people do, I usually woke up in the morning and very soon after, I started thinking about where and what I would eat throughout the day, starting with breakfast. Is there something in the fridge or do I need to buy food on the way to work? Later during the day, same with lunch and dinner. I asked myself what is healthy for me, or do I rather allow myself to eat something unhealthy today which I probably shouldn’t? Having chocolate today or tomorrow? How much to eat to not overeat and when to have dinner so there I want feel heavy when I do sports or yoga later? Not to eat brought clarity about how much time I spent with thinking about food. My thoughts were clear and there was no distraction when I focused on something. I had tremendous mental balance and stillness.
  • Independence: I realized that my emotional or physical state does not depend on food. Earlier in life I often thought “I am tired because I haven’t had breakfast yet”, “I need chocolate to be in a better mood”, “I need sugar to push myself a little”, “I am tired because I had too much food”. After a few days it became very clear, that all those thoughts were not real. I had the same thoughts even if I didn’t had food and I also realized, that there was a lot of discrepancy in between those thoughts. For example I told myself that I was tired when I didn’t eat, but I also told myself that I was tired from eating. On the third day and on the eleventh day, where I ate normally, no matter what or how much I ate it had no effect on my energy level anymore. I liberated myself from those connections between food and energy level, as well as emotional ups and downs through the thoughts regarding food. I am not saying, that it is not still here, that all those thoughts are gone. But when they are here, I realise them and I can consciously decide if I eat chocolate or not and not be driven and powerless over these kind of thoughts anymore. Being awake, full of energy, active, bored or tired is just a decision that we make. It is the awareness and attitude towards life and towards wealth.
  • Physical strength: My muscles built much faster than before. Every yoga practise felt twice as intense and powerful than before. So many blockages in muscles and body left my system, the heaviness disappeared. Freely and flexibly I was able to move. I gained strength not only on the physical level, but much more on the mental level.   
  • Impact on my body weight: I lost 1 – 2 kg within those 21 days, but only fat pads than real weight. So in fact what I was hoping for manifested. I also had to face a fear inside me of losing weight and once I looked into that fear, I realized that it was fear of death. With every day of this process I trusted life and my body more and more. This deep trust in life, that I am nurture no matter what happens is a unique experience. And so I was also able to reduce the fear of death which unconsciously appeared all the time when I didn’t had anything to eat for a longer time already before I started this process. This process was just helping me to become aware of that.
  • Time: On the evening of the second day I was sitting at home in the evening, it was 7 pm. I cleaned already my apartment and did laundry, finished some paperwork, bought and hung up new curtains und suddenly i realized: all the things I did within the last two days normally took me five days. And now I was bored and wondered what to do with all that additionally time that I normally spend on buying food, cooking, thinking about food, eating or doing the dishes. The process in total was a very productive time 🙂
  • Being nurtured: On the third day, the first day of eating again I wanted to have everything I want. So I went to the supermarket and bought jummy things like Avocado and goat cheese, fries and everything I always loved. I thought “finally, I can provide for myself again”. And then I thought “but how did I provide for myself the days I didn’t eat then”? I realized, that I nurtured myself on a different level: I allowed myself to sit down for 5 minutes when I needed to rest. Before that I sat down and relaxed when it was time to eat. I nurtured myself on a spiritual level with daily meditation. I nurtured not only myself, but even more I also nurtured my soul and my mind with books, through being creative or meditating.
  • Health: I realized that it is not about what I eat in order to be healthy anymore. I was always told that I need proteins or vitamins to be healthy. But with all the food that we put in our body, our body is losing its capability to produce everything it needs by it’s own. The moment I experienced this, I was just grateful and blissful for going through this 21day meditation process named Nirahara Samyama.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Loving yogic spirit and lifestyle! 🙂